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General Pau Prize

The late Dr G H Hogg, MD, CM, of Launceston, donated $11 each year from 1918 to 1950 to the University, for a prize in Oral French called the General Pau French Prize. The prize was continued after Dr Hogg’s death by Professor LA Triebel of the University of Tasmania, and in 1952 the University received from Dr Hogg’s estate $300 for the purpose of continuing the prize.



Awarded annually to the candidate at the TCE examinations who obtains the highest score in French (FRN315114). To be eligible for the prize the candidate must have resided in Australia or another English-speaking country for the six years immediately prior to the year in which the award is made; and, within the three years immediately before the year in which the award is made, not spent more than six months in a French-speaking school or country and not normally speak French at home. In the event of a tie, awarded to the candidate with the highest ATAR. The recipient must also be enrolled in study with the University of Tasmania.