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Best Undergraduate Student Prize in Parasitology

The Australian Society for Parasitology brings together all those in Australia and in many other countries interested in parasites and parasitic diseases of humans and animals. The Society is active in all aspects of the science of parasitology and in education and lobbying for parasitological issues. The Society offers generous support for students.

The Australian Society for Parasitology was founded on the 19th of January 1964 to foster association of persons interested in parasitology, foster establishment and proper curation of collections of Australian parasites and by facilitating intercourse and discussion, promote investigation and advance the knowledge of parasitology.

Today the Society present prizes for students studying parasitology in universities in every State, its newsletter is eagerly anticipated for the latest gossip and events and an extensive range of travel awards and bursaries are given to students and overseas visiting lecturers.

The Australian Society for Parasitology is a vibrant and active scientific society that makes a significant contribution to the scientific and educational community of Australia.

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Awarded to a student achieving the highest academic score (total) in JFA303 Aquatic Animal Health.