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IMAS outstanding student publication prize

This prize is generously supported by the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies.



This award, for best IMAS PhD Publication, is given each year to a candidate who publishes work, as lead author of exceptional quality and impact as part of their PhD at IMAS.

The author must have been a candidate at the time the data was collected and analysed. If already awarded their degree, then the publication must have been submitted for publication within 12 months of their conferred degree.


- 1 page nominations that includes:

- a link to the published paper

- a summary of why the paper is of exceptional quality/impact

- a statement outlining the role of the HDR candidate in the publication

- signed support statement from supervisor,

Research Quality Impact

Does the publication address a current need of industry, academia or society?

Does the publication have, or is it likely to have, high academic, social and/or community impact?

Is there evidence that the publication has been recognised by readers and led to measurable impacts?

Research Technical Quality and Novelty

Has the project been conducted at the highest academic standard and is there evidence of novelty?

Student contribution

Did the student play a major role in the conception, execution and writing of the publication?