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Riawunna wurakara to Higher Education Bursary

The Riawunna Centre for Aboriginal Education in partnership with the Scholarships and Prizes Office at the University of Tasmania endeavours to support positive change for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, through educational experiences that build independent, resilient and confident learners, supported through shared celebrations, culture and Community.

The Riawunna wurakara to Higher Education Bursary will be sponsored by the University of Tasmania and will be part of the Springboard to Higher Education Program to encourage young Tasmanian Aboriginal students to continue with their education at the highest level.

The Riawunna wurakara to Higher Education Bursary will assist students with some of the expenses associated with further study in Years 11 and 12, and encourage students to complete university study.



Recipients must meet the Commonwealth definition of Aboriginality to be eligible. The Commonwealth definition of an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person is as follows:

- is of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent;

- is a person who identifies as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person; and

- is accepted as such by the community in which he/she lives.

Selection is to be based on the following criteria:

A student who is graduating in year 10 in the Tasmanian School System, and:

- may be at risk of leaving the education system and not realising their full educational potential;

- will need financial assistance to continue onto further education;

- is likely to be successful in years 11 and 12 and university if given support and encouragement;

- participates in Aboriginal activities and events within the Aboriginal and School Community;

- is from a family with little or no participation in tertiary education; and

- in the opinion of the high school, merits the support.


Bursary valued at up to $2,000

Year 11 - $1,000

Year 12 - $1,000


Up to two years


Application forms and fliers are made available to High Schools for students to complete. Students need to complete an application form and ask their Principal or a senior teacher to endorse the application by completing the endorsement on the application form.

The teacher endorsing the application must send the student's application form directly to the Scholarships Office at the University of Tasmania, either by posting application to the address shown on the application form, or by scanning and emailing applications to to be received in the Scholarships Office by 5pm on the closing date. No late applications will be accepted.