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Simon Monks Memorial Award for Student Excellence

Dr Simon Monks was a highly respected partner in East Devonport Medical Centre prior to his sudden death in March 2007. He was an active participant on the General Practice North West (GPNW) Board as well as in the teaching and mentoring of medical students from the University of Tasmania’s Rural Clinical School. He was awarded the GPNW Long Service Award in 2005 in recognition of twenty years of continuous service to the North West Tasmania community.

Simon was a quiet, thoughtful person and a very committed and caring GP, who took a proactive and dedicated approach to achieve excellence in his clinical practice, his supervision of medical students and in all aspects of his personal and family life.

The Simon Monks Memorial Award was established in 2008 by the former Board of the North West Tasmania Division of General Practice Inc. (General Practice North West) in recognition of the valuable contribution that Dr Simon Monks made to the profession of general practice and community health in the North West region of Tasmania.

Following the establishment of Tasmania Medicare Local Ltd. (TML) and the transfer of most of GPNW business to TML, GPNW members resolved at their Annual General Meeting in October 2012 to wind-up the Association by June 2013.

Prior to its wind-up GPNW established a new Trust known as the Simon Monks Memorial Foundation (SMMF) to which the balance of the GPNW funds, following acquittal of all its contractual obligations, were paid. These funds are now held by the SMMF to be dedicated in perpetuity for the promotion and encouragement of education in general practice and primary health care in North Western and Western Tasmania.



Awarded for outstanding performance in one general practice attachment, to a fourth year medical student involved in the Rural Clinical School teaching program in the North West region of Tasmania.

Nominations are made by the general practice that hosts the student and the successful nominee is selected by a panel with representation from the Foundation and the Rural Clinical School.


$3,000 and framed award certificate