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Professor Michelle Craske Prize in Psychology

This prize has been generously established by alumna Distinguished Professor Michelle Craske to reward excellence and talent in the field of Psychology. Professor Craske graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 1979 and received First Class Honours (Psychology) in 1980 from the University of Tasmania. Professor Craske currently resides in the United States of America where she teaches at the UCLA Department of Psychology and Department of Psychiatry & Biobehaviora/ Sciences, as well as holding a number of distinguished positions including Director, Anxiety and Depression Research Center; Director, Innovative Treatment Network, UCLA Depression Grand Challenge; Associate Director, Stag/in Family Music Center for Behavioral & Brain Health; and Editor-in-Chief, Behaviour Research and Therapy.



Awarded to the graduating student with the highest overall grade having completed a University of Tasmania accredited 3-year undergraduate Psychology sequence and the University of Tasmania accredited Honours program in Psychology.