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IMAS Prize for the most inspiring PhD journey

This prize is generously supported by the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies.



This award is focused on candidates who have overcome significant adversity and demonstrated exceptional resilience to complete their candidature. Adversity may include situations such as failed experimentation due to uncontrollable natural/technical events or personal circumstances.

Nominations are open to any PhD student with a primary supervisor from IMAS who has been awarded their PhD (i.e. a final decision made by the university, but not necessarily have graduated) in the 12 months prior to the closing date.


- 1 page nomination summarising the key outcomes of the thesis and details of adversity experienced during candidature.

a) Research/academic outputs including impacts and innovation of research.

b) Impact of adversity experience during candidature.

c) Timely (within reason) submission of thesis and examination results.

- signed support statement from supervisor