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OMC International Innovative Honours Project Award

OMC International (OMC) is an Australian maritime engineering company that has developed multi award-winning e-Navigation technologies to improve safety and operational efficiency for large commercial ships in draft restricted ports and waterways by managing the Under Keel Clearance (UKC) dynamically and in real-time.

The company’s world-leading DUKC® technology has been proven to provide a consistent scientific approach to UKC and has been safely operating in ports and waterways around the world for more than 25 years without incident.

OMC has a strong research focus and its Melbourne-based team of maritime and software engineers continue to develop the suite of digital port optimisations products.

OMC also specialises in ship motion analysis, optimised dredging for cost effective channel design, and mooring system analysis and design.



Awarded to the student with the most innovative project in JEE 418/419 Research project as examined by a panel of engineering industry experts at the Australian Maritime College Research Project Conference.